A doula is a wise and compassionate woman trained in labour techniques such as breathing , positions, visualizations, affirmations and Rebozo. She can prepare you for labour and will be there with you throughout your labour, providing emotional and physical support unlike hospital staff . A doula is not a medically trained professional but she is trained in medical terminology and can help you understand the terms used.  She can act as a mediator between you and medical caregivers, helping you to make informed decisions regarding the birth of your baby.  A doula also provides postnatal support, starting immediately after birth during ‘the golden hour’ where she helps facilitate skin-to-skin and  initiating breastfeeding.  Furthermore, she offers postnatal visits where she helps the new mother with any uncertainties she might have regarding the care of her baby and herself.  She may offer services such as massages, doing light chores and taking care of the baby while mom has a bath or shower.


Benefits of having a doula:

  • Can reduce the length of labour
  • Reduces use of analgesia
  • Reduces use of instrumental birth and cesarean section
  • Increase in positive birth experience
  • Increased spontaneous vaginal birth
  • Decrease in low five-minute APGAR score


About Me


My journey towards becoming a doula started in 2012, when I started doing research for the birth of my first son, who was born in 2013.  I learned about the numerous benefits of having a natural birth and was surprised that these benefits were neither very well known, nor promoted.  I learned about the way a woman’s body adapted for the baby’s needs and how mother and baby worked together in the birthing process.  I learned that when in tune with her body and in a loving, safe and supportive environment, a woman’s body produces all the hormones needed for a miracle to take place and to give birth to life in an empowering way.

Through this new-found knowledge and my own experience in giving birth to my two sons, whom I birthed at home in water, surounded by love. I feel a deep yearning to embrace this process and share it with other women.

I am now a qualified WOMBS accredited doula, and I am ready to  spread the love and hold space for new mothers to blossom.


My philosophy


I am passionate about women supporting, nurturing and empowering one another- physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I am there to hold the space for the beautiful and extraordinarily powerful moment a women’s inner strength is revealed, and then embraced during birthing.

I hope to help women to overcome the fear associated with birth and to encourage women to empower themselves, and in turn have a positive birthing experience thus breaking the ‘Cycle of Fear’.

I have always felt very connected to nature, it is my ‘go-to’ for ailments and uncertainties. I believe a lot can be learned by observing nature and I believe giving birth is a natural occurrence.

In my practice as a doula I incorporate nature’s undeniable wisdom, which we too, are a part of. I promote natural birth (when possible, of course interventions are sometimes required),home births, breastfeeding, natural products, free from harmful chemicals and most importantly, nature’s gift of a mother’s instinct.



  • I offer two meetings, the first is a free ‘meet and greet’ to see if we resonate with one another. If you feel I am the right person to embark on this journey with you I will then accompany you to an appointment with your primary caregiver.
  • More meetings can be arranged if required, I do like to get my know clients, and form a relationship.
  • I can also advise on some birthing preparation such as affirmations, breathing techniques and exercises.
  • I will be available via phone or email for any questions or uncertainties you may have regarding pregnancy and birth.


Birth support:

  • I will accompany you and your partner through your labour – supporting you, providing comfort measures and assisting with labour positions.
  • I will also act as a mediator between you and other caregivers and medical professionals, providing you with the information you need in order to make informed choices.


  • I will help you to initiate breastfeeding and can provide ongoing support as it can be challenging.
  • I offer two postnatal visits, where I will answer any questions you may have, help with baby or do light chores.
  • I can also provide a full body massage to relax your body after birth.
  • More visits can be arranged if required



Standard Package (R3700)


  • Free meeting at an agreed upon place
  • 1 visit with primary caregiver
  • Full labour-support
  • 1 postnatal home or hospital visit
  • Communicatoin via whatsapp or phone call anytime for questions or concerns

Optional extras


  • Extra prenatal visit, (1 hour) – getting to know one another ,Birth wishes, concerns, birthing techniques.
  • Postnatal massage (1 hour)
  • Extra home visits, as required (travelling costs apply). Advice on alternative / natural products for mother and baby. I can also supply certain products I make myself.
  • Packages can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Contact me !

+27 (0)76 978 3443